How to Host a Summer High Tea Party with Kikoko

If you are a seasoned Kikoko patron, you will remember our high tea parties of years past. Fascinators, tea cups, tulle underskirts, explaining to the Uber driver where you’ve just come from and why you can’t drive yourself home.

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You loved ’em, we couldn’t do them any more, and so we’re here to show you how to throw your own Kikoko High Tea Parties: Summer Edition. 

Double knot those bikini strings, we’re diving in. 

Invitations for High Tea Party

We suggest e-invitations because, you know, the trees. There are a few things your guests should know before arriving to include on your invitation:

  • Suggest that people use a rideshare or get dropped off or picked up. You should never drive high.
  • Consider making it a costume party. Everyone needs a little levity these days.

Pick Your Recipes and Shop Accordingly

Because this is the summer edition, we suggest making iced canna-cocktails and HoneyShot hors d’oeuvres. We have 26 drink recipes using our herbal teas for delicious cocktails and 11 recipes using our HoneyShots. You’ve got options. Check them all out here.

You don’t want anyone boarding the crazy train at your soirée, so we suggest offering teas and hors d’oeuvres with a range of THC. When it comes to THC, start low and go slow. CBD won’t get you high. Download our Dosage Guide for more info.  

Depending on your crowd, you could offer one LOW DOSE drink (1-3mg THC), one MEDIUM DOSE cocktail (5-7mg THC) and one HIGH DOSE cocktail (8-10mg THC). 

Same goes for hors d’oeuvres. Have one LOW DOSE platter with a Focus or Calm HoneyShot (1-2mg THC) and one HIGH DOSE platter with a Buzz HoneyShot (10mg THC). 

What to buy:


To host 10 people or less you’ll want one can of Sympa-Tea, one can of Sensuali-Tea and one can of Positivi-Tea

To host 15-20 people you’ll need two cans of Sympa-Tea, two cans of Sensuali-Tea and two cans of Positivi-Tea

You might not go through all the tea, but it allows each of your guests the choice between 3mg, 7mg and 10mg THC. And then you can have a cuppa when they all leave. 


You’ll need one Calm (<2mg THC, 10mg CBD) or Focus HoneyShot (3mg THC) and one Buzz HoneyShot (10mg THC)  per guest to ensure different dosage options. 

Once you’ve decided which recipes you want to follow, head to a dispensary or get your Kikoko delivered! We now have next day delivery (and same day delivery in some lucky locations.)


Make the Concentrate

This is the most critical aspect of the whole shebang. Kikoko concentrate is the secret sauce to all our drink recipes.

The formula is one tea bag + 4oz (½ cup) of boiling water = concentrate. Put it in the fridge to let it cool. That’s it. For example, if you have 10 people coming and you want to make 10 Sensuali-Tea or Positivi-Tea, put 10 bags into 5 cups of boiling water. Let cool and store. Concentrate lasts at least 10 days in the fridge. 

Keep in mind that 4oz of any concentrate = one serving. 

Make The Drinkies

You can make canna-cocktails in big batches by multiplying each ingredient according to how many servings you want. 

You can either split the drinks up into individual servings or you can use an iced tea dispenser or pitcher. If you go with a batch in a dispenser, find the dosage per serving by dividing the total volume of the pitcher by the numbers of tea bags you used to make the concentrate. 

Say you make a two-liter pitcher (67 ounces) of Mo-Tea-To’s with 10 bags of Positivi-Tea for 10 people. 67 divided by 10 is 6-7oz, so one serving would be 6-7 oz. If you want to be super specific about dosage, you can keep a measuring cup by the pitchers for people to use when serving themselves. 

If you’re really concerned about dosage, you can pre-serve the drinks in mason jars and add ice as you hand them out. That way you don’t have to worry about people dosing themselves or overdoing it.

The reality is that most people will only need one canna-cocktail, maybe two. 


Food with cannabis is always a good idea. 

You can’t go wrong with finger sandwiches (egg, cucumber, chicken salad and cheese), deviled eggs, mini-quiches, fresh fruit, scones and jam, macarons and petit fours. Pro tip: you can find cute and affordable macarons at Trader Joe’s. 

If you’re going to have cannabis-infused hors d’oeuvres, have low dose and high dose options set apart from regular snacks. Make sure you have a sign next to them telling folks they have cannabis. 

We highly recommend printing our dosing poster so your guests know what they’re getting themselves into. 

Setting Up for High Tea Party

Check out our Summer Tea Party board on Pinterest for ideas on decor, food, and dress code inspo. Check out our other Pinterest boards for even more ideas (my favs are our Mad Hatter and Summer High Tea Party boards). 

A fun project to do before your party, or maybe even during is to make your own cake stands from thrifted plates and wine glasses.  Here’s a video on how to make one (for under $15)!

Here are some props for instant glam:

  • One 8-foot table
  • Iced tea dispensers (for water and/or for people to serve themselves)
  • Fab tablecloth or fabric
  • Granny’s vintage glassware/cocktail glasses and small plates (we love the mismatched look)
  • Food trays, platters and cheese boards
  • Napkins (cloth, of course, dahling)
  • Lots of fresh flowers and colorful thrift shop vases

The fun begins

Bear in mind that cannabis ingestibles can take up to an hour-and-a-half to kick in for some people (most people it’s 25-45 minutes). Have something non-alcoholic to sip on in the meantime. 

Be Smart

The hostess with the mostess must be wary of her own talents. When your drinks come out insanely tasty, and they will, people will want to go back for more. We suggest you dissuade them for at least 90 minutes. Oh and PS: make sure any leftovers are out of reach of little fingers. 

Next Day

Aren’t you glad you’re not hungover?