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I just want to fall asleep.
I’m tired of waking up at 4am.
I want to wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy.
Getting high is not for me.


Trust us, these products work. Really. One of our founders was a sleeping-pill-addicted insomniac when she co-founded Kikoko. Now, she sleeps beautifully.

The key difference in Kikoko’s four cannabis edible sleep products is CBN. CBN is a rare cannabinoid that acts as a non-intoxicating, natural sleep aid, and a healthy alternative to sleep medications. While many cannabis products contain CBD for sleep, which is great for relieving anxiety and promoting relaxation, CBD does not tell the brain to go to sleep. CBN does. And when CBN is paired with low-dose THC, it’s lights out baby, no 4am party-of-one or morning fogginess.


5mg CBN
3mg THC
A delicious nightcap with chamomile and valerian.
3mg CBN
2mg THC
On-the-go and naturally sugar-free sleep mints with just a touch of melatonin.
5mg CBN
3mg THC
The perfect sleepy tea gift for insomniacs.
2mg CBN
2mg THC
Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory Manuka honey with just a touch of melatonin.
5mg CBN
2mg THC
Faster absorption with sleep adaptogens. Just a touch of melatonin paired with high level CBN.

But wait, there’s more. . . We also add organic adaptogenic and functional ingredients to our sleep edibles: a sleepy tea, a sleep tincture, sleep mints, and our Snooze HoneyShot, made with Manuka, the world’s most healing honey that comes straight from a friend’s bee farm in New Zealand. All our wellness ingredients are clinically proven to help improve sleep naturally.

Sweet dreams!


  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Little to no high/psychoactivity
  • A powerful sleep aid. Tells the brain to fall and stay asleep.
  • Bone healing and growth
  • Anti-bacterial (MSRA, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria)
  • Neuroprotectant, ALS therapy
  • Glaucoma therapy


The majority of our ingredients are certified organic or grown or farmed using organic methods.

Cannabis for Sleep


What is CBN?2020-12-23T17:50:15-08:00

CBN is basically THC that has been subjected to heat, light, oxygen and time. For example, if you left a plastic baggie of weed under your couch for 6 months and you decided to smoke it, it would likely make you sleepy and not very high. That’s because the THC has degraded into CBN. CBN is not nearly as psychoactive as THC, but it is extremely helpful for falling asleep and staying asleep deeply. However, it’s hard to make (thus it’s expensive).

Are all your sleep products the same and will they all work for me?2020-12-23T17:53:41-08:00

Our sleep products are always our best sellers because they work so well. We created four of them (Sleep mints, Snooze honey, Tranquili-Tea and Night tincture). They all have different cannabinoid ratios because we know that everybody’s endocannabinoid system is different. We suggest you try to find the one that works best for you. And if the effect of one ever wanes, temporarily stop and fill in with another. That way your body won’t develop a tolerance.

Can I develop a tolerance to the Sleep tincture?2020-12-23T17:52:43-08:00

Yes, you can. Sometimes after using any cannabis product consistently, you can develop a short term tolerance and it becomes less effective. When that happens we suggest you stop using the tincture for 12-20 days and instead try one of our other sleep products (Sleep mints, Snooze honey, Tranquili-Tea). Then you can return to the tincture. Mixing up products will stop you from developing tolerances.

Can I eat the SLEEP Mints after I brush my teeth?2020-09-28T22:33:54-07:00

Yes! Xylitol, the base ingredient of our mints, is sugar-free. Cannabis could actually be the secret to a healthy mouth. Recent studies discuss the plant’s antimicrobial property against dental plaque. Xylitol has also been proven to be great for oral health.

What is the best dose of melatonin?2020-09-11T21:52:40-07:00

If you’ve taken melatonin before and felt like you have a hangover the next morning, or are groggy, you are likely taking too much. Many people take between 3-5mg, which is way too much and actually can signal your own brain to stop producing its own melatonin. 1mg of melatonin is all you need. So even if you think melatonin is not for you, try it again in Kikoko: it could just be that you’ve got the dose wrong.

Can CBD make you sleepy?2020-09-28T22:32:15-07:00

CBN is superior to CBD for deep sleep as it is highly sedating. CBD is an anxiolytic, meaning it helps stop anxiety and calm the mind and body. However, a few people find CBD actually activates their brain. That’s why you really need to try different ratios of Kikoko to find the one that works for you.

What is CBN? Does CBN help with sleep?2021-12-13T07:52:00-08:00

So does CBN help with sleep? CBN is the cannabinoid that makes most people drowsy. It works for about 85% of people, but the other 15% may experience some mental activation at higher doses of CBN. That’s fun, but not great for sleep, so if it happens to you, we suggest that you try one of our CBD products. For the folks that don’t react well to CBN, we notice that CBD at higher doses (try Sympa-Tea or Calm HoneyShot) works well to help them fall asleep.



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