Calling All Insomniacs. Yes, You.

I know insomnia all too well. When I co-founded Kikoko I was an Ambien addict.

Amanda Jones


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I know insomnia all too well. When I co-founded Kikoko I was an Ambien addict. Without it, the monkey-mind was unbearable and I’d lie awake convinced that my life was littered with insurmountable problems (it wasn’t).

It’s a real thing—problems appear worse at night. It’s called “rumination,” although no one can supply a satisfactory explanation for it. Regardless, it sucks.

My sleep has improved about 85%. That’s a lot when you’re an insomniac.

Cannabis, particularly products with CBN, cured my sleeplessness. There’s the occasional night where nothing at all works and I lie there ruminating, but my sleep has improved about 85%. That’s a lot when you’re an insomniac. I take a mint, or tincture, or honey, or tea, press go on the mediation app, and. . . blissful nothing. (It’s also good to know that some people respond better to high CBD products for sleep. CBD tends to be a relaxant and it helps reduce anxiety, although it doesn’t have the same power as CBN to keep you asleep.) 

Now I’m going to scare you into facing up to your sleep issue. Here’s what happens to your brain and body when you don’t get into deep sleep. And this is just a few of the side effects. I reckon you’ll get the message:

  • Higher risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure

  • Weak immune system

  • Heightened sensitivity to pain

  • Greater likelihood of depression and anxiety

  • Quickness to anger

  • Lowered sex drive

  • Poor performance at work or at school

  • Greater risk for car accidents

  • And here’s the kicker—a 97% percent chance of a shortened life expectancy

So, why not give cannabis a try? See if it works for you. It’s non-addictive, it cannot harm you, and there’s no morning-after grogginess. Here comes the part where I try to sell you our products. But THEY WORK. We go to enormous lengths to formulate to make sure they do. 

Kikoko’s sleep products won’t get you high. We recommend you experiment to see which works best for you. For me, it’s our Little Helpers Sleep Mints and our Night tincture. For my husband it’s our Snooze HoneyShots (that one is for the serious insomniac). For my daughter it’s Tranquili-Tea or a Little Helpers Calm mint

If you prefer CBD products, I recommend the Day tincture, the Calm HoneyShot, or Little Helpers Calm mints. I have friends with serious insomnia who take a Sleep and a Calm mint to nod off. Whatever works, right? 

Our mints are sugar free and made with xylitol, a natural birch-tree derived sugar alternative, that is actually good for oral health. The Night tincture is made with monk fruit, which is another natural sugar replacement. You can take either after brushing your teeth, so keep them by your bedside.

Convinced? I sure am. 

Yours fabulously well rested, 


co-CEO, Kikoko

About the Author: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones is the co-founder and Co-CEO of Kikoko, a women-focused, women-led cannabis wellness products company. Amanda and her business partner, Jennifer Chapin, created Kikoko in 2015 in honor of a friend with terminal cancer. Prior to becoming a “cannapreneur,” Amanda spent 25 years as an international travel writer and photographer. Her articles have appeared in Condé Nast Traveler, Vogue, Travel & Leisure, Town & Country, the Los Angeles Times and ISLANDS, among others.

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