An Open Letter to My Loverboy…

Let’s start with the science of cannabis and sex.



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Dearest Loverboy,

Consider this a science-backed appeal. Please, listen closely as I lay out why getting high will be a good thing, a great thing, for our sex life. No such thing as sex that’s too good. Right?

Let’s get the science of cannabis and sex out in the open first. The hippocampus and hypothalamus are the regions of our brains that tell us when it’s time to get it on. It so happens that those parts of the brain are chock-full of cannabinoid receptors. What that means is that low(ish) doses of THC are proven to enhance getting laid for both men and women. 

Cannabis increases overall sexual satisfaction for 74% of people.

One study finds that cannabis increases overall sexual satisfaction for 74% of people, with a delighted 66% reporting a more intense orgasm. Is there a single person on the planet who doesn’t want that? 

What’s more, a whopping 50% of people who have a hard time reaching orgasm found that cannabis made climaxing easier. Um, yes please.

Finding the right dose for each person is a bit of a Goldilocks situation. Too little THC may leave you unaffected, but too much is proven to have an adverse impact on sex—from sleepiness to erectile dysfunction. So it’s important to get the dose just right: somewhere between 5 and 10 mg of THC is perfect for most people. 

You’ll also be happy to note that using cannabis regularly usually means more frequent shagging too. The (ahem) long and the short of it is that cannabis users not only have better sex, but more sex.

Not to sound selfish, but you might be interested to know that using cannabis helps women climax for longer—and sometimes multiple times. Female cannabis users are twice as likely to have satisfying orgasms. 

Only a measly 6% of women consistently orgasm from penetrative sex.

You might not think this is a big deal. After all, 90% of men climax every single time. So let me spell this out for you: This. Is. A. Huge. Deal. Only a measly 6% of women consistently orgasm from penetrative sex (they ought to teach this stuff in school.) And only 40% report having an orgasm “nearly” always. Let me explain it this way: dropping someone off near the airport ain’t the same as driving them to the terminal. 

It’s no wonder 33% of women admit to having an unsatisfactory sex life. Despite this being the era of women’s sexual liberation, the Great Orgasm Drought of Womankind persists. As for men, using cannabis lets you control and delay ejaculation for longer. It also increases orgasm satisfaction. Just sayin’.

So, how exactly does this incredible plant spice up a romp in the hay? Weed increases libido because of the aforementioned stimulus in the hippocampus and hypothalamus, releasing sex hormones at the right time. It also heightens the sensation of touch, which in turn releases other bonding hormones like oxytocin. 

Additionally, when we’re high, our perception of time is altered. That means pleasure gets suspended. If you think music sounds better and food tastes better when you’re high, imagine what kissing feels like. It might just be my favorite feeling in the world. 

And for those who get nervous when the pants hit the floor, cannabis eases that anxiety too. The majority of people feel more relaxed and present if they’re high while fooling around. It also helps us be our honest selves with each other, which, obvs, is key to good sex. 

Being straightforward about what I need in bed can be hard. But cannabis lowers my inhibitions,  heightens my sensitivity, and lets me get physically and emotionally closer to you. Wanna improve the stats with me, Loverboy? 

Yours always,