Organic Premium Cannabis Wellness. Modern Wellness The Women's Way. From daily wellness to chronic illness, and menopause to modern chaos, KIKOKO is the healthier alternative.
Organic Premium Cannabis Wellness. Modern Wellness The Women's Way. From daily wellness to chronic illness, and menopause to modern chaos, KIKOKO is the healthier alternative.


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Cannabis for anxiety, stress, and pain
Cannabis for focus
Cannabis for mood
Cannabis for libido and fun



Damn couples therapy; Sensuali-Tea should be known as the ‘marriage-saver tea.’ Orgasms have never been so good. Ever.


I love Sympa-Tea! I drink this in the evening instead of my wine, which was giving me headaches. Bravo! This such a healthy alternative to alcohol, and no more damn headaches. Sometimes I pour over ice to make myself think it’s a cocktail. Just a much healthier one.


This tea is changing my life!! Two nights of the best sleep I’ve had in years, with NO hangover! Thank you from the bottom of my .


These are clutch! I’m a yoga instructor so I know the importance of deep breathing. They taste good, chill me out, and are easy to carry throughout my day. Sold!


I wanted to express my appreciation for the work you’ve done. As a veteran, I’ve dealt with chronic nerve pain since my tour in Iraq. Positivi-Tea is beneficial for my PTSD and Sympa-Tea for the pain. I’ve tried various prescriptions and nothing has worked as well. Your teas have greatly improved my life and I look forward to my hot cup of tea each evening.”


Just a cup of Positivi-Tea for a totally happy, fun time. Plus, no awful hangover looming. The stigma has got to go. Pot is not just for stoners anymore.


I finally tried the Sensuali-Tea last night. Amazing, amazing… honestly the best experience I’ve had with those lovely herbs. Now I need more!


I’ve practiced yoga and meditation for years but have suffered with sleeping issues which left me exhausted the next day. A friend suggested Tranquili-Tea and it worked fantastically! I was happy and refreshed the next morning. Now I’m ready to seize the day!


I’ve been fighting a persistent hacking cough and went looking for an alternative to those horrible over-the-counter nightime flu/sleep aids. I found your Tranquili-Tea, and voila! Not only did I sleep like a baby, but your tea shut down my cough far better and all night with no side effects. I’m back among the human race! Spread the word. Thanks Kikoko!


I drank Tranquili-Tea before bed and it really is amazing. I’ve tried every cannabis product out there for sleep and this was the best.


This mint was a nice way to mellow out after a long, stressful day. I ate one as a part of my nightly routine and was eased into a night of very restful and heavy sleep. After taking these gems, I slept throughout the night!


Omg! You’ve given tea a new meaning! We’ve slept better the last two nights than we have in the last month combined. Magic. Pure magic!


You and what you create has been honestly life-changing for my father. Your tea is magnificent. My family has the deepest amount of gratitude that you crossed our path and shared your healing product and knowledge with us.


This tasty brew brings “high tea” to a refined new level. Sensuali-Tea very pleasantly and adroitly hits the “T-spot” as advertised, with no follow-on lethargy or adverse side effects. Two thumbs up.


I received my tea today, and I made a cup of the Sympa-Tea. I am a 61-year-old two-time cancer survivor with post-mastectomy pain. I just had the best day. Such a pleasant little buzz, but not really a buzz — just a feeling of wellness. I made soup, homemade marshmallows, I walked. I could feel pain but it was secondary to feeling great. I am so excited about this product.


I experienced gentle elevation, good laughs, and easeful body relaxation without being glued to the couch.


I have ADD and constantly battle focus issues. Although I don’t usually do cannabis at work, the 1mg THC in the Focus mint cuts out some of my mental shenanigans with no high at all. I’m sure the Vitamin B helps too. I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of these!


The tea is great and came at a perfect time as I have been having radiation on a vertebrae in my neck and it gives me a hell of a sore throat. The tea really helps soothe it. Either that or after I drink I I don’t give a damn anymore. Whatever, it works! Now I just have to keep my wife away from my supply!


My mother and I split a cup and went shopping (we got a ride). What was meant to be one hour turned into four hours of giggling and just straight up fun. The best mother-daughter day ever!


Sympa-Tea is such a soothing, comforting, tasty way to get rid of my cramps. Plus with the turmeric and ginger in there I know I’m addressing any inflammation. Love it.


This stuff has facilitated a couple of really, really, really enjoyable calm cannabis experiences that I have never had the good fortune to experience before. Well done. Thanks again for offering a product that really works and tastes good too.


I drank the Sensuali-Tea and it absolutely changed my life… I had tremendous orgasms and it just felt wonderful afterwards and it lingered; giving me a pleasure that I didn’t think was possible post-menopause.



This is how we tea party 🌺 happy 420 out there!
Stock up, drink up, and share with your fellow 420 revelers.
If you’re looking for the path of totality in California, look no further. 

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Celebrating women’s education, equality, voice, choice, advocacy, and well-being globally. 

When women rise, we all rise.
March goes down in the canons as the month it’s ok to talk about women’s rights and women’s health, at least here in the U.S. Internationally, we get one day — March 8th, as you well know, is International Women’s Day. Routinely we get tagged across the channels as marketers everywhere check the boxes — “women-owned” (check!), “women-led” (check!), “women’s audience” (check!) and. . . DONE! (We dutifully beam with gratitude and curtsy in the spotlight. Truly, we’re more than happy to take the mic.) 

We originally created KIKOKO for managing women’s health issues, so while you are recognizing us, we’re reflecting in the glow of you, dear reader, our loyal Kikokoans one and all. We’re extremely grateful for the million miles of continued support since Amanda and Jen founded KIKOKO in 2015. This industry is not for the faint of heart, but we remain standing because we steadfastly believe in a higher vision (pun intended), where all humans (21+) have access to this benificent plant.

While we have not yet seen federal legalization, changing mindsets are sweeping the nation and the world. Education and research continue to open minds and supplant fear and hypocrisy. The hypocrisy we speak of is how many toxic agents in our food and beverage system are literally killing people. Not to mention the rampant opioid epidemic. 

Women’s health and peri/menopause are finally getting some attention at the federal level, thanks to a cadre of amazing doctors who are passionate in their service, banding together and speaking up for funding, advocacy, and research. And so many other iconic women are triumphantly speaking up on behalf of women everywhere. Together, this is how we get it done, ladies. . . and gents, too.

March, for us, will always be about the men who are also advocating ardently in support of women. (We love them, we work with them, we adore them.) This is the only way to fast-forward to meaningful systemic change.

Continued in comments. . .